About Us


Muktangan is an innovative model of education located within mainstream Government schools providing quality, child-centred, inclusive English-medium schooling to thousands of underprivileged children in Mumbai.  We are truly “Education for the Community, by the Community”, developing teachers from the same neighbourhoods as the students, who then become empowered change agents.

Started in response to the challenges inherent in the Indian education system, our community-based, low-cost, inclusive, child-centred methodology has been researched over ten years in our Teacher Education Centre and 7 English-medium Municipal schools in Mumbai.

Our schools support the natural curiosity of children, their creativity and joy of learning, while developing in them independent and critical thinking skills. Our classrooms are designed for active learning to fully engage the students, leading to almost zero dropout rates. Our teachers are empowered community change agents, whilst our parents, having been given an understanding of the process of their child’s education, are equipped to play an informed role in it.

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The Muktangan logo is representative of this model. An egg develops into a caterpillar and then a butterfly attaining the freedom of flight.  Hence, our butterfly symbolizes the natural growth of each child into a self-empowered, independent and free-thinking individual. The sun denotes the creative energy released in our classrooms. The dotted circle shows how each of us is inter-connected and how we are a potential source of learning for each other.

‘Learning and Growing Together’ highlights the many ways Muktangan has developed from its humble beginnings with every stakeholder – teachers, students, trainees, faculty, parents and management, growing in concert and learning from one another. As an organisation we have also been able to develop and share our knowledge with others in the wider education sector, while simultaneously learning from them.