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Become a volunteer

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are willing to lend their skills and time to help the Muktangan Education Trust. Please email us for further enquires:

Jane Akers has volunteered at both the Muktangan School in India, as well as, supporting the Muktangan Educational Trust in the UK:

“I was resident in Mumbai for almost ten years and spent much of that time working with a range of charities. I can honestly say that volunteering became a different experience with Muktangan. The children were taught to think, question and explore, instead of learning everything by rote. The staff, mainly women from the local community, was trained to teach manageable groups, earning them respect and self-esteem. The end result is a group of well-qualified young people with a future, ready to take their place in a changing society, and ready to start a life very different from that led by their parents. The Muktangan schools will keep pace with a changing India and provide a confident workforce fit for future success.”

Collaborate with us

Funded through the British Council, the North Liverpool Academy (NLA) had a partnership with Muktangan to exchange teachers from the two schools. During the summer of 2011 two teachers from the NLA visited Muktangan in India, while two teachers from Muktangan visited NLA. During their stay, they exchanged ideas and experiences, sat in classes, interacted with the students and were exposed to a completely different school of thought. This opened a whole new world of possibility and a new outlook to teaching!

Dymphena Dias, one of the Muktangan teachers who went to Liverpool described her experience of the exchange:

“It was the best learning experience we could have had; we try our best to incorporate our learning in our teaching, taking each day as it comes!!”

Please email us at: if you are an educational institute in the UK and are interested to partner with Muktangan.

Fundraise for Muktangan

Have you always wanted to run a marathon, cycle a race or bake cakes to raise money for a good cause? Muktangan welcomes everybody who wants to raise money for our schools, no matter how big or small. Please get in touch with us for further information:

Michael Cutts travelled 1400+ miles across the country to promote Muktangan’s cause through SEEd (Sustainability and Environmental Education). As a previous Project Manager at SEEd, he helped raise awareness about Muktangan using the Cycling4SEEd website and blogs/twitter. He visited 40 schools and communities in the UK to run student-led sustainability film-making sessions and to work with teachers on a sustainable curriculum and community projects. This led to the documentary ‘UK’s Best Sustainable Schools’ available through SEEd’s website – click here for the trailer.