Teacher Education

Our dedicated Teacher Education faculty come from many different professional backgrounds. This gives our teachers a wider range of exposure, knowledge and skills. Besides the usual departments of Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Language (English, Hindi, Marathi), we also have departments devoted to holistic and socio-emotional development which support the all-round development of the child. Our Learning Resource Group (Special Education) supports the learning needs of our differently-abled children, while our Early Childhood Department ensures that our preschool teachers have the training to develop the cognitive, motor, social, creative and emotional skills of our youngest students.

  1. Education Department
  2. Mathematics Department
  3. Science Department
  4. Language Department (English, Hindi, Marathi)
  5. Social Studies Department
  6. The Learning Centre (including the Libraries and Computer Centres across the schools)
  7. The Learning Resource Group
  8. The Early Childhood Department
  9. The Holistic Education Department
  10. The Outreach Department
  11. The Social Emotional Department
  12. The Schools Department
  13. The Creative Expression Group