Muktangan was started in 2003 by Elizabeth and Sunil Mehta and they have continued to play essential and complementary roles in the organization including as trustees of the Paragon Charitable Trust.

Elizabeth Mehta – Founder Director

Elizabeth is an accomplished educationist with over four decades of experience in school level education including extensive work in rural India. She has been involved in every aspect of school education from their design, management and developing child-centered curricula. She has also conducted classroom-based pedagogical research and participated in several international and national conferences and study tours. At Muktangan, Elizabeth oversees the programmatic aspects of the seven schools and teacher education institute. 

Sunil Mehta – Chairman and Managing Director of Paragon Properties Enterprises Private Limited

Sunil, a retired businessman, has been deeply involved in education for several years and holding positions including Chairman of Bombay International School Association. Sunil sourced seed capital and support to Muktangan since its inception. At Muktangan, Sunil oversees the operational aspects of the organization including fund-raising and HR.