New Model of Education

Every child is given the freedom to make their own decisions and the education to choose their unique future. Our learning environment nurtures sensitivity and free thinking, developing the all round personality of each and every child. ‘Mukt’ means freedom and ‘Angan’, the space in front of the home. Together, they represent the freedom given to express oneself within a secure space that meets the world; in Muktangan this is true for both teachers and students.

Muktangan believes that every child, learning each in their own individual way, has an innate urge to explore, discover and then understand. Our teachers, through our Teacher Education programme, become independent thinkers each with their own processes of learning. They develop the skills to observe and then to offer individualised support to every student.

In line with our mission of providing quality school education at an affordable cost to marginalised communities, we have now evolved into the Muktangan Education Resource Centre (MERC), an integrated model consisting of our 7 schools, our Teacher Education Centre and our partnerships with external government and non-governmental organisations.