Who We Are

India’s youthful population calls for a robust public education system. Despite recent attempts at improvement, many core problems still persist; urban schools are overcrowded and under-resourced, children memorize lessons without understanding in uninspiring environments, and teachers are reduced to policing large classes without a cultural understanding of the dreams and ambitions of their students.

It was clear that a change in education was essential! 

In 2003, Muktangan (the sole initiative of the Paragon Charitable Trust) started a school and teacher education programme for underprivileged local communities.

Download our Anniversary Booklet here! Ten Years of Redefining Education.

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Muktangan municipal schools are addressing the challenges found across India’s mainstream education system and are sustainable, scalable, “whole-school” models. Our teachers, from the same communities as our students, are trained in a unique methodology to become engaging, motivated educators.After ten years, we have now become the Muktangan Education Resource Centre (MERC), a collaborative space for students, teachers and communities to work together, along with those from other organisations, to help improve the education sector in Mumbai and beyond.

We believe in “an inclusive, empowered world in which everyone can live in harmony, with freedom of expression, respect and honesty”.

We believe in “Education for the Community, by the Community”.

We are Muktangan!