Through a rigorous participatory process Muktangan has designed a 3-year teacher education course based on the National Curriculum Framework for the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.Ed) 2009.

The course involves an intense Foundation Year equivalent to the first year of a Diploma in Elementary Education. All the sessions have been fully pilot-tested and documented. For Years 2 and 3, we are designing and pilot-testing both our compulsory and optional courses. When we are able to fully launch the second and third years the trainees will become resident teachers for 4 days a week and continue their training for 2 days in a week.

The intensive and interactive design of this curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education’s recommendation of ensuring that teacher education “engage[s] with theory along with field experiences” in an effort to integrate “academic knowledge and professional learning into a meaningful whole”.

The first year is made up of units that include the theory of education and philosophy.

In the second and third year the optional courses include the teaching of mathematics, language, social studies, science, early childhood education, school librarianship and special education and school leadership.