Teacher Education

The Muktangan Teacher Education programme with its integration into a school system is an innovative answer to many of the disconnects in India’s teacher/school educational programmes. We believe teaching should be a partnership building on enquiry and investigation, producing teachers with the skills to act as facilitators and engaging students as active learners in a developmentally appropriate curriculum. With teachers coming from the same communities as the children it is truly ‘education for the community by the community.’

Our programme is widely respected by senior government officials, heads of teacher training colleges, schools and universities, who are frequent visitors.  Many are studying and even replicating components of the programme.

Since its humble beginning in 2003 with seven community members trained as child-centered pre-school teachers, our programme has grown in size and quality. By 2005, a 9-month course had been designed to educate 25 community members. We now have an annual intake of approximately 100 into our upgraded Foundation Year Programme. Most receive placements as Muktangan teachers in our schools although we have developed teachers for other NGOs. To ensure that teachers keep learning, they are placed in a system of continuous ongoing professional development that allows them to develop new skill sets and advance their careers. Muktangan has so far trained and employed around 400 teachers from the local low-income community.