Our Stories

Muktangan is a family for us where we share our feelings and all support each other to grow. We have so many stories to narrate in our own words and would love to share them with you.

From One Teacher to Another – Ashish Kelshikar

Ashish Kelshikar“Muktangan has taught me how to express myself. I have done my Bachelor in education and had the opportunity to teach in any school. I even gave interviews in many other schools but Muktangan was the one that stood out. It was the only school that gave me the opportunity to grow and apply what I studied.

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The philosophy and methodology was also instrumental in making me join Muktangan. Muktangan’s philosophy centres around the child, it acts according to the child’s point of view, which may seem impossible to other teachers but through the training that is given to us, makes it possible. The methodology used to teach the children is very innovative.

The teacher student ratio in Muktangan is 1:15 while in other schools it can be up to 1:80. It is more of group teaching than classroom teaching. I am comfortable to teach my children because it allows me to know what each of their strengths and weaknesses are, so I can determine what each one requires. The children also often come and share their problem with us. This is all due to the comfort level that is created between us.

Teachers should remember that they should never give up even if they are frustrated. They should honestly put in all their efforts, be true to and believe in themselves. This is what I have learnt from Muktangan.”

Finding Me – Dhanashree Yeddandi

Dhanashree“I am Dhanashree – wife of ______(so & so), daughter of ______, mother of________. This is what my identity was before I joined Muktangan. I belonged to a lower middle class family and am the eldest daughter in the family. I gave in to my parents’ decision of getting me married soon after my SSC. 8 years went by playing the role of a daughter in law, wife and a mother of two loving kids. Along with the kids the expenses were also growing day by day. I wanted to support my husband in meeting the growing expenses.

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In 2003, I heard of Muktangan through my neighbor. She brought me a form for the teacher training program which I was selected for.

For me, the training was an amazing learning experience which opened a new world of opportunities. After training I went through many levels in Muktangan.

Through this journey, I got several opportunities to grow as an individual. I got the experience of participating in a school leadership ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) program.

As a part of a school exchange program under the aegis of the British Council, I had the chance of a lifetime to travel to the North Liverpool Academy in London. I am now a graduate in sociology due to the encouragement and support of Muktangan.

In the time that I have spent in Muktangan, I have seen my personality change for the better. My confidence levels have increased and I am able to deal with and manage people with greater ease and diplomacy. I have more of a say in my community and family now. Muktangan has also helped me understand my own children better.

I am still Dhanashree, but the change has come from within, and today I have my own identity. Today I am Dhanashree, School in Charge, Muktangan. I owe all this to Muktangan and Liz Ma’am.”