Teaching Approach

From its inception, Muktangan has adopted a constructivist curricular approach providing programmes of experiential active learning for both children and teacher trainees. Our students are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction, building on their previous knowledge. The students, rather than learning by rote, apply critical thinking skills and are motivated and independent learners. We respect the fact that children learn in different ways and provide a diverse range of learning experiences suited to their differing interests and abilities. Such an approach has subsequently been mandated in the National Curriculum Frameworks for both Teacher and School Education (2005 & 2009)

Our Human Resources

In the classroom the children sit in 3 groups, each with their own teacher, blackboard and resources. The student-teacher ratio is low enabling ongoing one-to-one interactions between teacher and student.  As opposed to lecture demonstrations, discussions take place and children have ready access to materials that they can manipulate themselves.

Our Classroom Layouts

The innovative classroom layout not only supports the child-centred, constructivist curriculum but enables space to be used in a more flexible manner.  Classroom furniture is stackable and children sit in groups. In the 21st century, children need to develop skills of collaboration rather than competition to keep up with the available knowledge. Our classroom layout enables teamwork.

The teacher and children sit in circles at the same level. Thus the teacher is seen as a partner in the learning process and not its director.  Everyone’s voice is equally important! Designated areas are richly equipped with resources. In a “plan-do-review” session the children are encouraged to make choices as to what they will learn with the help of these resources. Circle Time provides a space for teachers and children together to develop collaborative solutions to personal and classroom issues in an atmosphere of collective responsibility.

Instructional Time

The State Curriculum is implemented in an innovative way.  Children are encouraged to explore and develop their own ideas. During ‘Circle Time’, sitting in circles, they are encouraged through games and role-play to express themselves, to listen to one another and to construct their own value system, in the meanwhile developing confidence and self-esteem.  At the same time, they tackle classroom and playground discipline issues in a collaborative manner. Socio-emotional development is enhanced in an atmosphere of democracy and belonging.

At Muktangan, our overarching approach is that all the stakeholders including management, faculty members, teachers, children and parents are all learners, learning from one another. At Muktangan, ‘learning and growing together’ is not a tagline – it is a way of life!