The State Syllabus is transacted in an innovative, experiential manner. Lessons are planned together in daily subject-specific reflective meetings taking into account the observed learning needs of individual children.

We strive to ensure the fullest all-round development of every child and, to achieve this, Muktangan recently established the Holistic Education Department.  Whilst children are encouraged to be proud of their Indian roots, we are constantly facilitating their growth into global citizens.  Our holistic education offers the children choices to explore their interests in the fields of the creative and performing arts, viz. music, theatre, dance, art, crafts and sports.

From the programme’s inception music has been a vital component. By participating in musical activities, all children (irrespective of differing abilities) learn to work collaboratively in groups whilst simultaneously developing language skills, curriculum concepts, self confidence and at the same time enjoy themselves in an uninhibited manner.

The journey of the choir children, as they prepared to sing with an Austrian children’s choir conductor and a full orchestra has been made into a documentary film ‘The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical’ and this has been shown internationally leading to positive responses to our educational programme.

Through field trips our students make connections between classroom learning and life outside the school. These experiences challenge and excite them in ways that cannot be achieved in the classroom helping to develop their understanding, skills and values, and to develop personally and socially. Using outdoor learning brings the benefits of formal and informal education together and echoes Muktangan’s belief that learning occurs through practical and hands-on activities.

Recent examples of our expeditions include amongst many others an overnight trip to Nasik Nature Reserve, a visit to a textile mill to see how cloth is manufactured, an outing to explore the role of community workers and trips to outdoor adventure camps.