Muktangan runs 7 English-medium schools in the Worli, Lower Parel and Prabhadevi areas of Mumbai currently catering to more than 2700 students, increasing by 300 every year.

The schools (preschool, primary and secondary) are adding one grade annually with the original school reaching the Board Examination final year (grade 10) in 2013 and the other schools four years later.  Our students and teachers are from the same local marginalised communities that the schools serve. This leads to a greater bonding between teachers, parents and children. We develop a collaborative professional culture in which children are offered a student-centred curriculum and leadership is distributed.

We impact both the school and classroom environment and curricular related practices. Such a ‘Whole School’ approach, although initially resource intensive, ultimately leads to the institutionalisation and long-term sustainability of these innovative processes.

We especially value our pre-schools as learning for children at this stage is the foundation upon which all later learning is built.  Our schools have now reached grade X in the original pilot school and grade VI in the others. An additional grade will be added each year until they reach grade X, the Board Examination year.  All are MCGM schools and in most locations run alongside vernacular-medium schools.

Our schools, whose names are given below, are all within a radius of two kilometres of one another and of the Teacher Education Centre, enabling ongoing interactions:

  • Globe Mill Passage Municipal School (over three sites),
  • N.M.Joshi Marg Municipal School,
  • G.K. Marg Municipal School,
  • Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Municipal School,
  • Love Grove Pumping Municipal School,
  • Prabhadevi Municipal School and
  • Khed Gully Road English-Medium Municipal School.