Community Partnership

School education supports the child better when it is community-based. With our teachers coming from the children’s communities, they understand the needs of both the children and parents alike. We view our partnership with parents as a key strategy to help our students learn not only in school but from  life outside the classroom.

Our teachers work closely with parents, getting them involved with their children’s learning at home and contributing to the growth of the school. Assisted by a group of proactive parents, the Parents’ Program is planned out for the whole year and often includes apart from the regular parent-teacher meetings, language classes, sensitization talks and parenting workshops.

Parents are also encouraged to involve themselves in Muktangan school activities, e.g. accompanying and supervising the children on field trips and helping with fruit and snack preparation.

We work on issues related to children’s health (and teachers’) and their personality development. We are also able to offer special counselling and referral sessions to nurture their growth.  A range of cultural activities helps to further develop their overall personality.

We will be making even greater efforts in future to mobilise further support from the parent community for the quality educational programme that we are offering to their children.