Muktangan Schools

Muktangan schools, which are run through a strong partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, provide creative environments where students experience the State syllabus transacted in an innovative way, learning collaboratively in a spirit of inclusivity within the mainstream educational system.

We run 7 Municipal Schools, beginning at the preschool level and a Teacher Education Centre. Muktangan school personnel, including teachers and support staff are Muktangan-trained.  Classrooms are provided with stackable furniture that enables movement and flexibility for alternative types of classroom transactions, e.g. role plays and small group discussions.  Shelves are provided for school bags and shoes in the corridors and teaching / learning resources are provided and can be accessed easily by the students in the classrooms.

We offer a holistic programme, including opportunities for active learning and inquiry along with music, dance, drama, art, craft and sports. Children have access to computers and a wide range of books in the Learning Centre in each school.

A low student-teacher ratio enables us to give individual attention to our pupils. A daily nutrition programme, which includes fruit, is provided. Our teachers are partners in the children’s learning experiences.