Muktangan Education Resource Centre

The Muktangan Education Resource Center is a multi directional learning process with teacher educators, teachers and children learning from each other and developing the educational system.

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MERC integrates Teacher Education into our network of schools enabling both components to strengthen one another using a free flow of knowledge between Muktangan’s 7 schools, Pre-service Teacher Education, In-Service teacher Education and with external partner organizations.

Our schools are the laboratories in which innovative pedagogical approaches are tested out and the learnings then incorporated into future teacher training.

Muktangan is now in the process of consolidating and offering their expertise to support further educational development in the larger teacher and school educational system (both government and non-government).  Its unique pedagogical philosophy, which is incorporated into both its school and teacher education programmes is now ready for implementation, further research and adaptation in the mainstream system.

We now offer the chance to learn about Muktangan’s methods from our experts. Join our collaborative workshops to benefit from our innovative teaching practices.

Become a 21st century teacher.

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Muktangan also partnered with UNICEF and Maharashtra State Council for Education, Research and Training (MSCERT) in 2012. We conducted monthly workshops training government personnel master trainers who, in turn, trained over 10,000 teachers in three Districts of Maharashtra.