Rahul Bose (Actor & Social Activist)

Rahul Bose (Actor & Social Activist)“If you believe in the oft repeated cliché that the future of any country is determined by how it educates it’s children then it must surely follow that increased scrutiny should be trained on how it educates its poorest children.Therein lies the true character of a nation. It is this field of work Muktangan has chosen to make its life calling. And India is the richer for it.

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Muktangan looks at the issue of educating underprivileged children through the lens of ‘raising a community’. Not for them the easy way out of simply getting slum children to study by rote and attain the required marks. They have understood that there is no education of a child without the education of teachers.
There is no education of a child without the active participation of the immediate neighbourhood. There is no education of the child without an enlightened, encouraging atmosphere at home. Thus their manifold programs where they train teachers, encourage men and women in the community to work in their schools and keep a constant, warm and informal communication between themselves and the children’s families.

It is true that many points of light are needed to show the civilisational way forward for a nation. Muktangan is one such point. They have my best wishes.”

Tara Sharma (Actor)

Tara Sharma (Actor) “I have been running the Dream Run in the SCMM every year since its inception except the 2 years I was pregnant! I love running in the marathon! Not just because I am rather a running addict but also because it is a great way to raise funds for wonderful worthwhile causes like Muktangan, Magic Bus and the Cancer Patients Aid Association, all of which I ran for last year.

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Of course one would like to support all great causes, but can’t run for everyone. These NGOs are particularly close to me heart and running and raising some funds is a tiny contribution to the selfless good work these NGOs do and to the more than deserving recipients.

I am always here to help people in need in whatever way I can. I look forward to running again next year.”

Vanya Mishra (Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2012)

Vanya Mishra (Miss India 2012) “The Teacher Training program at Muktangan is one of its kind. It’s impressive to see how individuals are trained from various facets to be able to become teachers and provide education. At Muktangan, it is also a medium to provide education and employment to a person to be a teacher and spread education further.

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Lot of research and brainstorming has been done and it’s amazing to see Mrs. Mehta’s efforts every day to take it to the next level. The school for under privileged students is a great initiative undertaken by Muktangan.

Children are the future of the country and providing them with education and personal development is wonderful.  I believe, a practical approach in studies as used by Muktangan makes it more fun for the kids to learn. Everyone is doing a great job and I wish the organisation all the best.

With great support and wishes, there is a long way to go and my association with Muktangan will never end.”

Danny Carroll (Marathon Runner)

Danny Caroll (Marathon Runner) “I run the 42 km marathon in Mumbai each year to raise funds and help support Muktangan. It is a fabulous event with nearly 40,000 participants this year, many of whom are running to support various different charitable causes.

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Mumbai is very hot even during January when the marathon is organised so the run is never easy, as you may guess from the look of pain on my face!  But the sense of achievement that you feel when you successfully complete the race, and raise money for charity, is worth all of the pain! “

Henrietta Jackson (Music volunteer)

“Dear Liz and Sunil,

I do not know how I can put into words my gratitude towards you both for having me come and help in your amazing organisation.

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The amount you have built my confidence throughout this time will really help with my future. Even though this organisation just started as a retirement project the amount it has grown will surely show how people need and respect the organisation. Every single school had happy laughing teachers and children, they never look upset and always love coming to school. Something which England lacks greatly. It has been so refreshing to meet people who care about education, not their next pay cheque, not the charts the government sets but just education which is quality in standard and will help the pupils in later life.

Thank you again so much and I hope the music department will be able to get stronger and bigger.

Thanks again,


Veena Nagpal (Volunteer) 

Veena Nagpal (Volunteer) “My association with Muktangan as a volunteer co-ordinator has been extremely enriching and fulfilling. Our recent initiative to introduce projectors in all 7 schools has been successful. This will enable the teachers to access and use educational resources available on the net as a part of their teaching practices.”